USA citizens can apply for a Dutch residence permit for self-employment in the Netherlands.  Applicants can also sponsor their spouse and minor children for residence.

All kinds of new business opportunities are available under the treaty, except the practice of law and medicine.  The minimum required business investment for a self-employed individual is 4,500 euros.  It's also possible to open a branch of an existing USA company or buy a share of an existing Dutch business.

The first DAFT residence permit is issued for a period of two years. The minimum required business investment must be maintained throughout the entire period.  There is no requirement to learn the Dutch language with a DAFT permit, although the language test (inburgering) is needed to apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

Our DAFT clients include American IT and computer software specialists, management consultants, telecom professionals, website developers, tax accountants, translators, writers, music and video production companies, audio recording and mastering studios, horse trainers, graphic designers, importers/exporters and many more.

Help for Americans setting up a business in the Netherlands  
Many Americans applying for residence permits under DAFT have little or no experience establishing a business in the Netherlands. Expatlaw specializes in DAFT applications for American citizens which include business advice for the entrepreneur regarding local conditions.  

We offer a wide range of services, including basic and full service packages, to Americans applying for DAFT residence permits and setting up their business in the Netherlands.  We can provide all the necessary guidance and assistance to help self-employed Americans and their families obtain Dutch residence permits, including:

  • legalization of birth and marriage certificates from the USA (apostille)
  • preparing and filing all IND application forms on your behalf
  • immigration applications for spouse and minor children
  • obtaining provisional registration with City Hall (bewijs van bekendmaking)
  • obtaining a Dutch tax number (BSN orBurger Service Nummer)
  • signing up for Dutch health insurance and dental care
  • opening personal bank account in the Netherlands
  • accompanying you to the IND appointment
  • providing free summary translations of Dutch documents

In addition to the above immigration services, we offer business establishment services for American entrepreneurs without prior Dutch business experience, including:

  • registering the business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • finding local business accountant for taxes
  • helping with the business plan demonstrating commercial activities
  • opening business bank account in the Netherlands
  • advising the business during its initial year of operation in the Netherlands 
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